After years of taking care of my own parents I know firsthand the challenges and difficulties in trying to provide loved ones with the help they need. Especially challenging is when a loved one resides out of town or in a different state. They wanted to honor their promise to each other that they would not seek out a nursing home or assisted living should the time come that they would need a higher level of care. Those were wonderful and noble promises at a younger age, however, the reality of being the caregiver for someone with a high level of care needs can be not only physically, but emotionally exhausting, especially as the caregiver themselves is also advancing in age and may have their own set of needs. During that time, there were no such services available for in-home health care and no additional assistance was available to them, with the exception of hospice. After that experience, I wanted to find a way to help make that process easier for people trying to find trustworthy care. I spent a great deal of time researching how best to help others finding themselves in the same situation. I started Cochran Health Care, a non-franchise, privately owned In-Home Health Care Company, in order to help others going through what I personally experienced. My 15 years of experience with delivery of direct patient care in medical, surgical, cardiac, pediatric and neo-natal intensive care units, along with caring for my aging parents with declining health issues, made this type of company exactly what would allow me to help others.

There are numerous medical and non-medical in-home care franchise agencies available and the number of franchises going into the home care business continues to grow. I chose not to pursue the corporate franchise type of business due to the many limitations on the extent of services I would be able to offer. Additionally, I did not want to have any decisions or level of care we offer be influenced in any way by corporations that set sales goals or having to pay the franchise fees. I chose to start a company that could provide the full extent of medical and non-medical services that are based solely on the client’s needs as determined by the client, the client’s family and our licensed nurses. As the medical field in this country continues to change, I want to be able to adapt services the company offers to meet the needs of the growing population who will be needing assistance. My father was a pharmacist and started his own family owned pharmacy. My sister and I worked for him at very young ages and my mother maintained all of the financials and inventory. The customer service values I learned by working for him have been invaluable in creating a company atmosphere where customer service is our top priority. I will never forget the many conversations we had continually reinforcing that it was the customer that we worked for. Our mission is to allow our clients to remain safe and independent in their own home. We are committed to improving the quality of life by providing quality, ethical and professional services. Our staff is well-educated, compassionate and trustworthy and know what it takes to make each and every client feel safe, respected and well cared for. We have a strong family values atmosphere with a high level of trust and support between us. The nurses and caregivers we hire are truly the best there is. Giving both our clients and their families the peace of mind they so rightly deserve is what we provide and will accept nothing less. Caring for a person and improving their quality of life is what Cochran Health Care is all about. That is our promise to you when you entrust us with your care.